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Hello , I hope you enjoyed my website, and have taken the time to review all my pages , from text,photos and videos. You can find answers to most of your questions on my site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be answered below. If you do not find what you are looking for please call me, I will be happy to help you in every way.

Mobirise is located in Gloucester Virginia

Placing you and one of my puppies together is something I take very seriously. Knowing you are happy and that one of my puppies has made that happen, means a lot to me. I do hope each family takes the time to get to know me and the line of adult Golden's I have. This is my line. A strong line of Golden Retrievers. I never line breed or interbreed.

My Guarantee is for 6 months where Virginia state law is only 10 days.
I want you to be happy with your selection of your life long companion.

Please never hesitate to call me if you have any questions during the life of your dog. I will do my best to answer your questions , or refer you to someone who can.

Q. Are your dogs AKC reg?
A. All of my adult dogs are AKC reg. and have had DNA done assuring you of a purebred Golden Retriever.Your puppy will have its first shots, worming.

Q. Can I breed my Dog?
A. I require all dogs to be Spayed or Neutered. I never sell breeding rights.

Q. Can I meet both parents of my puppy?
A. Yes I would love for you to visit anytime. ( please call). Please remember by not meeting both parents of your puppy you do not know what your getting in a puppy. Those that choose to do artificial insemination are risking the life of your new born pups as well as the future of your pets health. The only true temperment of your puppy can be seem in both parents.

Q. Spayed or Neutered?
A. For many reasons the sale of my puppies come with a Spayed - Neutered clause. A female must be Spayed by the age of 7 Months old. A Male has one year from birth to be Neutered. There is alot that goes into breeding a sound and healthy puppy. This is not the old days of your female giving birth under the shed in the back yard. I have had years of training and believe that only skilled persons should attempt to breed dogs. There is nothing so precious as a life and a puppie is no different.This should never be taken lightly, and never with the idea of "making extra money".

Q. Do you charge more for male or female puppies?
A. No I do not. ALL my puppies are priced the same. Regardless of sex. The reason is simple,my costs are no different for a male puppy or a female puppy.I easily spend 12 hours a day with my dogs playing ,grooming, feeding, and clean up. Training is a whole other story.

Q. Do you ship puppies?
A. No. I will be happy to work out delivery of your puppie if you are unable to visit my Kennel. But I do wish you would take the time to get to know all of my Goldens and see the lifestyle they lead.

Q. Do you offer any warranties ?
Yes I do. I give a garantee subject to all terms in contract at time of signing. You have 10 business days from the date of pickup to take your puppy to the Vet. If your Vet. finds anthing seriously wronge with your new puppy. I will give you your money back, or give you a puppy from any up coming litters Further conditions apply see contract at time of signing. Your guarantee is for 6 months from date of pickup, no further money or compensation will be given at any time past this date.

Q. Will my puppy be "show quality?"
A. I do not sell show dogs. I do not in any way imply that any puppy I sell is of show/breeding quality. My puppies are sold solely to be family companions. I breed only healthy active golden adults to best produce healthy golden puppies. When comparing Champion dogs to dogs whose sole job it is, is to be a family dog who spends the weekends hunting, or possibly doing obedience or agility trials. The latter is clearly the most popular and most sought after Golden. When I breed a dog for my kennel I don't look for championships, I look for good health, hunting, obedience, and agility titles all demonstrating intelligence and a willingness to work with people. Which is why there is such a difference in appearance between a 'Show" Golden and a "Family" Golden or any of the breeds that have "show" vs "working" lines.

Q. Do Golden Retrievers make good pets for children?
A. That would depend on the family. In Most every case YES, a good family will always produce a calm Golden.. Goldens can be large dogs, they mature slowly, often not until 2 years of age. They require adult supervision and training. Some pre-teens and teens who have demonstrated a high degree of responsibilty in the past would probably do well with a golden puppy as a pet if clear cut rules and responsbilities were laid out and backed up with parental supervision. On the whole I discourage buying pets especially puppies for kids under 6 years of age.

Q. When can I take my puppy home?
A. You may take your puppie home at age 7 - 8 weeks. Please always call before coming to my home. By making an appointment, it allows me the time I would like to spend with you, to answer any futher questions you may have.

Q. Can I come visit the puppies before committing to it?
A. Of course, I welcome guests! Puppies may be visited anytime with an appointment. I do not allow guests to touch unvaccinated puppies to avoid any parvo/distemper problems. All I ask for is advance notice to insure I have enough time to spend with you - and that any children brought are well supervised.

Q Can I bring my other pets on our visit.
A. Please absolutely NO pets please. With as many Goldens as I have , things can go wronge very fast with new smells and actions of other pets my Goldens are not familiar with.

Q. When can I choose my puppy??
A. Pups are chosen at time of pickup ( 7 - 8 weeks Old ) - in the order deposit was made.

Q. What does a puppy cost?
A. The Total Cost$1,700. (Your deposit is $200,your balance of $1500 is due in cash on day of pickup. ***Deposits are non refundable, although you may move your deposit towards future litters.

How Do I buy a Puppy?
You may leave a deposit anytime.You choose your puppy based on the date you leave your deposit.
 I list the Females that are pregnant.Once the puppies are born,I will post photos and videos of each litter.
Once the puppies are 4 weeks old, I would suggest you visit and take a look at coloring and try to get an idea of the litter/puppy you would like. But Please wait till day of take home to choose your puppy. ( Paypal or if you visit by check/cash ).Deposit will be $200. and the balance of $1500.on day of take home.***Deposits may be moved to future litters withen 12 months. At no time are deposits refundable..
It is the buyer responsibility to stay in touch with me by phone.

Visiting my Goldens home.
The only true way to see the health of a Golden is by seeing it. Do not take a "papers" word for the health of a dog. When you visit my home, I am always proud to show you all my Goldens and you see first hand the health of each dog. Living conditions for my Goldens is one of my top proprieties, from making sure the areas are clean, well fed to play areas even in cold winter conditions.

How do I contact you?
Call me is always best - Chris Nelson Phone: 804-380-3666 If you wish to contact me please( calling is always best. )

If you do not wish to call or email, all you need do is check my website to see if I have puppies that are avalible.
Located on the Puppies For Sale page.

Thank you,Grayland Nelson

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