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Your Guide To The 2020 Third-Party Candidates

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If there are some issues which you are strongly supportive of, opposed to, or merely curious about and you feel that you’re hearing very little information about these issues from the Trump administration as well as from the Biden/ Harris campaign, there’s a reason for this.  While both the Trump administration as well as the Biden/ Harris campaign are paying close attention to a number of very important domestic and foreign policy issues, there are also still a number of issues that the third parties are concentrating on a lot more so than the 2 major parties.  

Back in 2017, I wrote an article which appeared in the May 4th, 2017 issue of The Pavlovic Today in which I discussed how candidates from the third parties face obstacles to ballot access in many states, and I also pointed out that the Commission on Presidential Debates has refused to consider inviting the candidates from the third parties to participate in the quadrennial televised Presidential and Vice Presidential debates since 1992.  

And sadly, for the third parties, notably little has changed since 2016 with regard to access both to ballots as well as to the debates.  In 2020, the third parties face most of the same obstacles to ballot access in many states as they did during the 2012 and the 2016 elections.  The Commission On Presidential Debates is still comprised entirely of representatives from the Democrat and the Republican parties, and the Commission On Presidential Debates still only invites the candidates from our 2 major parties to participate in the debates.

As we approach the November 2020 general elections, the mainstream media is not going to ignore the third party candidates entirely, but you will likely see only very limited coverage about the third parties in the mainstream media again this year.

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