It’s official: Joe Biden carried Washtenaw County by a margin of 100,895 votes.

The county’s bipartisan board of canvassers finished certifying the Nov. 3 election results Thursday, Nov. 12, said Ed Golembiewski, county elections director.

Washtenaw’s now-official tallies show the Democratic former vice president netted over 72% of the county’s vote against Republican President Donald Trump.

“I am 100% confident in the integrity of the election in Washtenaw County and in the process that has delivered official results today,” Golembiewski said, declining to comment on pending litigation challenging the county’s results.

The final count after Democratic and Republican canvassers spent days combing through the county’s election records was 157,136 to 56,241, with Biden gaining six votes compared to the unofficial results initially reported last week.

The count for Trump stayed the same.

Biden’s victory over Trump cause for enthusiastic celebration in Ann Arbor

The two Republican canvassers in Washtenaw are former County Commissioner Dan Smith of Northfield Township and Teena Weaver-Gordon of Scio Township.

The Democrats are Mary Hall-Thiam and Doug Scott, both local Democratic Party officers from Ann Arbor.

Under Michigan election law, a four-member board of canvassers is established in every county in the state. The members are nominated by the chairs of the county’s Republican and Democratic parties and appointed by the county board, and they take an oath to uphold the constitution.

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