Results from Tuesday’s Presidential election in the Upper Valley came as no surprise with incumbents President Trump, U.S. Republican House Representative Mike Simpson and U.S. Republican Senator Jim Risch winning.

While the presidential election remains uncertain, Simpson and Risch will continue in their respective seats thanks to wins statewide.

What did come as a surprise was the number of people voting on Tuesday at both the polls and via absentee ballot. Results from Tuesday’s presidential election in the Upper Valley showed a more than 10% increase over the 2016 presidential race in both Fremont and Madison counties. Votes cast in person as well as absentee ballot were up substantially.

In Fremont County, 88% of eligible voters voted. That was up from the 78.48% of voter participation during the 2016 election. A total of 7,674 Fremont residents were eligible to vote. Of that amount, 6,925 registered to vote with 749 of those being new voters, said Fremont County Clerk Abbie Mace.

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