Squid tried investing once and lost big on a shrimp company that went belly up thanks to the seagulls in charge who ate the profits. Squid regrets not doing some research first. A Montana man who similarly didn’t consult Google is claiming in Monterey County Superior Court that he’s out $500,000 after he was lied to by the former developers of failed luxury hotel development Project Bella, once planned for the site of the American Tin Cannery in Pacific Grove.

In his lawsuit filed Oct. 29, Todd Timboe says that Ron Meer of Domaine Hospitality Partners and others used the involvement of four-star Gen. Wesley Clark, a partner in DHP, to lead him to believe it was safe to invest $500,000 on Jan. 18, 2017. Among some of the lies Timboe says prospective investors were told: partners secured a 99-year lease for the property (the company once had an option for such a lease from Cannery Row Company, but it expired); that the hotel’s parking lot would reap $7 million a year (“simply made up by Meer,” the lawsuit states); that none of Timboe’s money would be used to pay back past investors (it was).

Unfortunately for Timboe, there were already news reports by January 2017 that all was not right at Domaine. Squid wishes Squid could get the shrimp investment back but alas, it’s gone to the seagulls, like a fallen French fry on Fisherman’s Wharf.

NAME TAGS… As Squid keeps hitting refresh on the Monterey County Elections Department website to see the latest updates, Squid has been disappointed by one glaring omission: Squid’s name does not appear as a write-in for president of the United States. Five Monterey County people wrote in Mark Charles, who was born and raised in the Navajo Nation and has made a years-long campaign of calling upon the U.S. government to issue a proper apology to Indigenous people. Twenty-six people wrote in Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party, which has a pro-life platform. Another five people wrote in Jesse Ventura, as in Jesse “The Body” Ventura, the former pro wrestler-turned-Minnesota-governor-turned-presidential-candidiate.

Then there are the candidates whose names did make the ballot, like Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra of the American Independent Party, who ran with vice-presidential running mate Kanye West. Yes, Kanye. So much for that whole Trump loyalty thing.

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