Alliance Party of Maine presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuentetoday announced his plan to provide additional funding for the nation’s police forces to develop training programs in diversity and inclusion and also to help them identify appropriate policy alternatives to the use of deadly force.

“I reject the idea of defunding police departments, and in fact will work to increase funding for this important training. I believe the majority in the policing profession do not deliberately, intentionally or routinely discriminate against citizens based on race or national origin,” said De La Fuente, the son of Mexican immigrants. “Nor does the majority immediately prefer to apply deadly force during an arrest gone bad or in a non-life-threatening situation. Some do, however, and that’s why this training plan is so needed.”

The details, scope and application methods of the training programs will be determined by a task force De La Fuente will create in cooperation with the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

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