Let’s suppose you’re a Republican stalwart (i.e.: an insane person), who wants to see Donald Trump win at least one electoral vote in Maine this November. Your best bet for accomplishing that nonsensical objective is to oppose GOP efforts to stop ranked-choice voting.

Republicans, both nationally and locally, have spent over $400,000 on a petition drive to prevent ranked-choice from being used in this state’s presidential elections. The petitions are currently under scrutiny by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, which is deciding if the GOP gathered enough valid signatures to get their People’s Veto on the ballot. If the justices rule the referendum can go forward, thereby blocking ranked-choice in this year’s presidential balloting, it’ll be bad news for the poisonous orange toadstool.

Here’s why: There are three other candidates on the ballot besides Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. That trio is far more likely to draw votes from Biden than Science-Denying Donald.

None of those also-running candidates is Kanye West, who’s campaigning for president on a platform that consists entirely of liking everything about Trump except Trump. But West got in the race too late to qualify for Maine’s ballot, which is probably a good thing for Trumpsters. As liberal podcaster Mike Tipping put it, “I think a lot of people would have put Kanye first [on their ranked-choice ballots] as a joke.”

The trio of fringe-party hopefuls are Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party and Rocky De La Fuente of the Alliance Party. All three are proposing radical ideas that might appeal to progressives frustrated with Biden’s chronic blandness, while also backing measures that no self-respecting Trumpoid (sorry, oxymoron) could stomach.

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