Many Mainers saw a blue bus carrying Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen as it went up and down Interstate 95 on Friday and Saturday while she and fellow longshots target the state’s ranked-choice voting system.

The Maine Legislature expanded the system to presidential elections last year, but the 2020 election may be a muted political experiment. A national survey last week from Monmouth University pegged just 2 percent of voters undecided in the bitter election in which President Donald Trump is running behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

There are early signs that trend may hold in Maine, but third-party candidates are bullish on the potential effect of ranked-choice voting. 

Maine has a historic independent streak in presidential races. Billionaire independent Ross Perot won 30 percent of votes here in 1992 for his best finish in any state while four longshots combined to win 55,000 votes here in 2016.

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