Over 14,000 Jefferson County residents voted in the General Election to vote for not only President of the United States, but also for Senate and Congressional representatives, legislative candidates, commissioners, Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff and more.

The results for president took longer than usual with the coronavirus pandemic pushing record numbers of early and mail-in voting. The results were still undecided as of the Nov. 6 deadline for The Jefferson Star.

As of Nov. 6, Donald Trump had 214 Electoral College votes and Joe Biden had 264.

In Jefferson County, Donald Trump received 12,099 votes and Joe Biden received 1,658. The next highest vote receiving candidate was Jo Jorgensen with 252 votes. There were four other candidates in the running for president and all received less than 60 votes.

Trump won in Idaho with 63.88% of the vote, and 33.09% going to Joe Biden. Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgensen received 16,395 votes in Idaho, or 1.89%. Kanye West received 3,631 votes, more than other Independent candidates Brock Pierce and Rocky De La Fuente.

Jefferson County voters voted largely for Jim Risch for Idaho Senator, sending 11,702 votes his way, according to the unofficial results. Candidate Paulette Jordan received the next highest number of votes in the county, receiving 1,647 votes.

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