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Health Care

We propose providing every American with a publicly funded basic single payer health plan. A plan where the patient chooses and employs his personal physician – not a big hospital system or the government.  This universal single payer basic health care plan should be administered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) which already pays 70% of America’s health care costs. If citizens want different or more coverage than the basic plan, they could pay for it.

The failure to deliver medical care that is both financially efficient and clinically effective has had a deleterious effect on our individual longevity, the quality of our lives, and our economic well-being. Comprehensive and meaningful reform is required for us to compete on the international stage, but more importantly, it will demonstrate that we understand that the health of our society is directly linked to the physical, psychological, and financial health of every individual and that caring for others is the highest American ideal.

We believe we must:

  • Create universal access to basic primary, specialty, and psychiatric care
  • Provide public health and emergency medical assistance
  • Create a fully funded Pandemic Task Force to proactive plan and respond to future crises
  • Care for our most vulnerable and the elderly


We need comprehensive immigration reform that views undocumented workers as assets rather than liabilities. It is not logical to suggest that we can deport 13 million immigrants in a way that would be deemed fair. It is just as illogical to suggest that we could deport the small percentage of undocumented immigrants who have committed felonies. We can secure our borders without abandoning the values upon which our nation was built. The first step to doing so begins with admission and acknowledgment of our current immigration system and its ineffectiveness. We must then create a more intelligent, effective, and efficient way of welcoming immigrants to our borders by providing them with a clear path to attaining citizenship.

The vast majority of these people are merely trying to secure a better future for themselves and their families. While they may be entering the United States in a way that conflicts with our existing laws, they are not entering our country to be disruptive or problematic. They may not even understand the rules and requirements for proper entry into our country.

We need to start from a different place. By viewing immigrants as assets, we can begin to foster intelligent, compassionate, and robust discussions on how to best go about immigration reform. We could also make progress toward the comprehensive immigration reform that almost everyone agrees needs to happen.

Today, we vilify immigrants daily. We also selectively enforce the laws as they are written in the books, which leads us to ignore how fundamentally out-of-date those laws are. Our approach is almost anti-American when you compare it to the values that have always defined our country. We need to de-politicize the issue and work toward effective and comprehensive immigration reform.



The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has had serious public health, economic, and fiscal implications – including the loss of tens of thousands of lives – setting us on a path to another historic Great Depression. In response to the crisis, the federal government has spent trillions of dollars and the Federal Reserve has engaged in a range of unprecedented actions to try to stabilize the economy and help those who have been adversely affected. But they have been made at a time when the country was already on an imprudent and unsustainable fiscal path.

Our elected officials have abandoned their fiduciary responsibility to be good financial stewards of the public’s finances because the American voter has let them off the hook time and time again. As citizens, we must require change and support a whole-of-government economic transformation that is visionary in its breadth and depth and acted upon with urgency and at a scale that is commensurate with the threats we are facing. It must begin today, for it is always more difficult and costly to solve a problem the longer it goes unaddressed. The whole-of-government transformation to repair and renew our economy, and that it is sustainable and delivers benefits to all Americans, must be rooted in principles of:


  • Socially equity
  • Culturally acceptable
  • Mathematical integrity
  • Politically feasibility
  • Meaningful bipartisan support

We Believes that we must:

  • Structure our budget process and management to promote fiscal responsibility
  • Tax individuals and corporations equitably
  • Aggressively eliminate tax preferences
  • Dramatically increase investment in the critical infrastructure that enables our economy and creates jobs
  • Protect the dignity of work through a job guarantee program and provide a livable income for those who cannot work


Our ability to secure the future we want for ourselves – to be the gold medal nation – starts with the quality of the educational opportunities available for every child. It is dependent upon how we educate our population and prepare our children and young adults to success in a globally competitive ecosystem. We were the first modern society to believe and invest in the idea of public education for all. But now, other nations have taken our ideas of universal education and beaten us at our own game.

The American dream was built on the foundation that education was the engine that drove the vehicle of upward social and economic mobility. We were right to identify its underpinning role, but somewhere we lost the fuel and the fire to keep making forward progress. Our society today is one of the least upwardly mobile on the planet.

Economic inequalities are inextricably linked to educational inequalities. Children raised in poverty are two or more years behind their more affluent peers in language proficiency and mathematics by the fourth grade, and a disproportionate percentage either never finish secondary education or never close the gap. We must reopen the doors of opportunity that education provides. We must create an environment where the two greatest determinants of a child’s quality of education – and thus the quality of their life – are not their zip code or the color of their skin.


We believe that we must:

  • Elevate and reinvigorate the teaching profession
  • Prepare our citizens for global competition
  • Remove barriers to access to quality public education
  • Develop a choice-driven public-school system
  • Incentivize public service among our youth
medio ambiente


From this moment forward, every decision that we make as a society must be done within the context of combating the existential threat of climate change. All of our scientific insights and evidence regarding the severity and pace of climate change demonstrate that we have only a few years – not decades – to mitigate the most serious of consequences. This is not about a fight to “save the planet.” Earth will continue with or without us. It is a fight to “save us from ourselves,” because our choices have exacerbated conditions to the point where they have become a threat to the foundations of security and prosperity for every nation. It is a problem that our individual and collective decisions have created, and which only our individual and collective decisions can resolve.

We believe that we must:

  • Transform to a low-carbon economy by investing in 100 percent clean and renewable energy

  • Guarantee the right to clean air and water

  • Protect our natural resources

  • Strengthen urban sustainability and resilience

  • Put a generation to work with the creation of 10 million new public and private industry jobs over the next 10 years

  • Prepare the workforce for a just transition to green industry careers


We should extricate ourselves from the failed exercise of nation-building — trying to impose democracy on countries that may not choose to embrace it or may not be ready to build upon it from a cultural perspective. I would like to see us be less active in that regard, as it often leads to a poor reputation as a warmongering nation with an eye for regime change. We also must protect our citizens. If we are assaulted by a hostile entity – foreign or domestic – or if there is a clear and present danger of such an attack, then we have every right to defend ourselves. I am not in favor of championing the political rhetoric that most politicians choose to pursue; rhetoric which suggests that we should use force to intervene in the events of other nations if their cultures differ from ours or if we see an opportunity to impose our will. We should further eliminate the ridiculous amount of waste and inefficiency in our recent military budgets. There is a disgraceful relationship between our politicians and the military-industrial lobby. Our government’s authority to “provide for the common defense” is fundamental. If the threat to the United States is immediate or impending (as in the case of “confirmed” terrorists), we have the authority to address it. If the threat is hypothetical, then we must exercise well-measured restraint. Just as our country had to endure through a civil war to address the pain associated with fundamental change, we must allow other countries to find their political equilibrium without always assuming it must reflect ours. Regarding veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs is broken. Some of our veterans are dying as they wait for care, while others receive long-awaited inferior treatment. Yet, VA officials think it is appropriate to compare the “inconvenience” to “waiting in line at Disney World.” It is a travesty that needs to be approached immediately


To be clear, barring a constitutional amendment, I support the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. However, reasonable regulations that “provide for… the general Welfare of the United States” are also part of our constitutional mandate. I support fair gun control legislation that provides a higher level of safety for the general public without violating the fundamental right to bear arms. (i.e., legislation that is limited to enhanced registration, training, logical weapons limitation by properly defined type, etc.).

Social Security

Our Social Security system is eradicated and needs to be fixed immediately. There is only one solution: raise the retirement age and raise the contributions cap.

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