Kanye West may not be officially running for President in every state, but he’s still on California’s ballot…for an entirely different reason. West is now listed as a vice president option, in case his dive into politics wasn’t confusing enough already.

The American Independence Party (AIP) named West as the VP alongside independent presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, and neither had a say in it. The reason why West was chosen for VP? “Well, he wasn’t available for President,” AIP Chairman Markham Robinson told Newsweek.

The AIP picked West because of his political views, as well as his celebrity connections. Robinson explained having a former endorsement from Elon Musk—who he called “one of the smartest people in the world—secured confidence in West, as did West’s reliance on the Bible to enforce his points. “Kanye is an example of a good thing that we found along the way,” Robinson said. “His platform is was really pretty good. We loved the fact that he used scriptural references to justify his points.”

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