The general election season is under way with presidential candidates campaigning and absentee ballots hitting the mail.Jackson County residents will vote in dozens of contested races for local, state and federal offices on Tuesday, Nov. 3.Voters will also decide on several school board races. And in the city of Jackson, residents will have a say on two charter amendment proposals.

Here’s a quick look at contested races on ballots in different parts of the county, excluding races where candidates are unopposed. Write-in candidates have until Oct. 23 to file.

U.S. president

Joe Biden (Dem)

Donald Trump (Rep)

Don Blankenship (U.S. Taxpayers)

Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian)

Howie Hawkins (Green)

Rocky De La Fuente (Natural Law)

U.S. senator

Gary Peters (Dem)

John James (Rep)

Valerie Willis (U.S. Taxpayers)

Marcia Squier (Green)

Doug Dern (Natural Law)

U.S. 7th congressional District:

Gretchen Driskell (Dem)

Tim Walberg (Rep, incumbent)

Michigan House 64th District Representative:

Sandra Hofman-Kingston (Dem)

Julie Alexander (Rep, incumbent)

Michigan House 65th District Representative:

Nancy Smith (Dem)
Sarah Lightner (Rep, incumbent)