This year has been unusual and difficult, so the election couldn’t be ordinary either. Colleton residents showed up in record breaking numbers to vote early for the presidential election and local officials. 68.33% (19,384 total) voted of 28,368 registered: 9,203 on election day; 7,524 absentee on person; and 2,657 absentee by mail.

“We had over 500 people vote in one day here at the Voter Registration Office,” said Angela Upchurch, Board of Elections Director. “They were lined up through the parking lot.” Results are not official until verified by the state later this week.

After polls closed, voting results took a surprising twist in several precincts throughout Colleton as some Democrat incumbents lost votes to Republican candidates. 

Results are as follows:

Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump (Rep), 10,396

Joseph R. Biden (Dem), 8,568

Roque (Rocky) De La Fuente (Alliance), 7

Jo Jorgensen (Lib), 178

Howie Hawkins (Green), 56

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