Alliance Party presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente today denounced the war between the Democrat and Republican parties over the vacant Supreme Court seat as a glaring example of what’s wrong with the two-party system in America today, and why the rise of independent third parties is so essential to sustaining our Democracy in years ahead.

“It is obvious to any thinking person that the battle strategy both parties are following in this struggle for power was determined long before the tragic death of the great American jurist, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg,” declared De La Fuente, now in his second run for the presidency. “The hostilities will continue to distract the professional politicians from their real work serving the people, and further weaken our Democracy at a moment in history when this nation is under multiple threats to its existence.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to do all he can to have President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee confirmed by election day, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hurling threats of potential impeachment of Trump as both politicians jockey for an advantage in the standoff – which comes while the nation is reeling from sickness and death from COVID-19, continuing record unemployment, storms, fires, and international tensions.

“This very personal brawl between Trump and his henchmen and the Democrats has the potential to immobilize Congress as it grapples over who has the most power in what is looming as a Constitutional crisis – while Rome burns,” said De La Fuente. “This latest in a predictable string of confrontations is not Democracy in action. It is a perversion of what our Founding Fathers worked so thoughtfully to create.

“Our hope is it will move the American people one step closer to embracing new voices, ideas, philosophies and concepts offered by independent party movements that can bring civility, statesmanship and cooperation back to our political processes.”