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Ballot listings set for Baxter County

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Candidates in presidential, federal and state representative races found out Monday the order they would appear on the Nov. 3 general election ballot with the Baxter County Election Commission holding a drawing to determine the order candidates will be listed.

Ballots in Baxter County will include the presidential race between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, a race for Republican Tom Cotton’s U.S. Senate seat, and a race for Republican Nelda Speaks’ District 100 seat in the state House of Representatives.

Other contested races in Baxter County include Nick Reed and Lynn Anderson running for a seat on the Mountain Home City Council and Republican Douglas Stephens running against independent candidate James Higgins to be District 1 constable. Ballot positions for those races were drawn on Aug. 10, with Reed being listed first in his race against Anderson and Stephens being listed first in his race against Higgins.


Five different proposed amendments to the state constitution and one proposed amendment to the Arkansas State Code are also planned to appear on ballots in Baxter County. Residents in Lakeview will vote on whether to give their city council members four years in office instead of the current two-year terms.

Monday morning’s ballot drawing was held in the courtroom of the Baxter County Courthouse. The order a candidate would be listed on the ballot was determined by drawing numbered poker chip from a cookie tin held by Baxter County Election Commission chairwoman Judy Garner.

Jan Paul, the only person to attend Monday’s drawing that was not a member of the Election Commission or a member of the media, was asked to draw for all 17 candidates.

Thirteen presidential candidates will be listed on Arkansas’ ballots. In Baxter County, Trump will be listed second while Biden will sixth. Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen will be listed 12th.

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente will appear first on the ballot as an independent candidate, followed by Trump. John Myers of the Life and Liberty Party will be the third candidate to appear on the ballot, followed by independent candidate C.L. Gannon.

Brock Pierce, another independent candidate, will be listed fifth, followed by Biden. Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins will be listed seventh, and Gloria La Riva, the nominee for the Socialism and Liberation Party, will appear eighth on the ballot.

Phil Collins — the chairman of the Prohibition Party, not the Genesis drummer — will appear ninth on the ballot as an independent candidate. The American Solidarity Party’s Brian Carroll will appear 10th.

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