Surely some who endured the presidential debate Tuesday must be asking themselves this question: Is there another choice?

For Arkansas voters, the answer is yes. Actually, there are 11.

The most credible third party candidate is Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian. Jorgensen is a Clemson University psychology professor and was the party’s candidate for vice president in 1996. She made an August campaign stop in Little Rock where she gave a good speech and was impressive in an interview.

Libertarians favor extremely limited government, which some Americans might like in theory until they saw it would mean ending popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare. On the other hand, their taxes certainly would be lower.

The Libertarians are the most viable third party, and there’s even a Libertarian congressman, Rep. Justin Amash, L-Michigan, who was elected as a Republican but switched parties. But the party has a long way to go before it’s really competitive. Jorgensen can’t win, but if she can get 3% of the vote in Arkansas, the Libertarians would qualify for the ballot in 2022 without having to spend precious resources collecting signatures.

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