The failure of President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reach an agreement on the second round of stimulus to ease the suffering of millions of Americans is a game of political hardball where neither side wins and the American people lose.

That’s the assertion of the leadership of the Alliance Party, the nation’s fastest-growing independent third party, with candidates running Nov. 3 for offices in 26 states.

“It is difficult to imagine arguing over a billion here and a billion there while millions of people are in food lines, unemployed, being evicted, missing mortgages, going without healthcare and suffering illness and death from the corona virus,” declared Alliance Party National Chair Jim Rex.

“Once again, as any impartial observer can ascertain, both sides are interested in reaching an agreement to relieve economic suffering only if it can be turned into political advantage for their party and its candidates for the upcoming election. They have dug in their heels at a time of unprecedented economic pain for millions in this country.”

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