Voters have begun to receive their absentee ballots while in-person voting begins in many towns today. If you are uncertain about where to vote, how to vote or where your local candidates stand, the Bangor Daily News has you covered with our 2020 voter guide, which rolled out this weekend.

Maine has officially set a record for absentee ballot requests already during the coronavirus-altered election, with more than 277,000 voters requesting absentee ballots as of Friday, amounting to 36 percent of voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election.

The first round of absentee ballots went out Friday, with more on the way and plenty of time to request them. If you are looking to cast your ballot absentee, instructions are available here. More on other types of voting is available here.

Two high-profile races will use ranked-choice voting, though one is facing yet another court challenge. Maine’s competitive U.S. Senate race, which features two independent candidates, will use the first-of-a-kind voting system. The presidential race is likely to do the same — although the Maine Republican Party has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block the system for the presidential election, such a change seems unlikely at this point.

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