Madison County voters went to the polls to make their choice for not only the nation’s next chief executive, but several state and local races and issues as well. In the race for President of the United States, Madison voters chose current President Donald Trump by a wide margin. Trump received 5,570 votes in Madison County, compared to Joe Biden’s 3,743 votes. Other presidential candidates receiving votes were: Jo Jorgensen, with 32 votes; “Rocky” De La Fuente, with three votes; Gloria La Riva, with four votes; Howie Hawkins, with 13 votes and Don Blankenship, who received five votes in Madison County. 

Statewide, numbers were similar. Trump received 5,657,933 votes (51.24 percent), while Biden garnered 5,282,894 votes (47.85 percent). The rest of the presidential field included: Jorgensen, with 70,001 votes; De La Fuente, with 5,949 votes; La Riva, with 5,687 votes; Hawkins, with 14,646 votes and Blankenship, with 3,887 votes. 

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